Stimulating your baby's senses in the womb


Hearing is the most developed of all five senses in the womb. Starting in the 7th month of pregnancy, your baby is not just able to detect sounds both inside and outside the womb – he can also react to what he hears.

Everything sounds muffled to him. But he is still able to develop a preference for low-frequency noises, such as the beat of your heart, the voice of his father, the sound of waves breaking on a beach… or even the sound of distant church bells. When you place your hand on your tummy, you'll be able to feel full, calm movements – evidence of your baby's well-being. High-frequency or sudden noises, however – like an alarm, a door slamming, a frying pan falling on the floor or a motorcycle accelerating can stress your baby: his movements will then be fast, jerky and uncoordinated.


Inside your tummy, your baby is also sensitive to music – when you listen to it, his heartbeat will change and he'll start moving. Go for soft music, and listen to the same songs on a regular basis. Gradually, he will become familiar with them and they will have a soothing effect after birth.



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